Tip Thursday:Keep your eye “Level”

A quick tip today. It’s one of those subtle things that just gives your photos that extra edge.

Just like when you’re traveling, keep your eyes on the horizon! A crooked horizon is never immediately noticeable, but it’s subconsciously off-putting. This is especially true when there is a body of water in the picture. In the real world, water is never at a slant!

It’s best to get the horizon as close to level as possible while you are shooting the picture. Some cameras let you turn-on a grid that goes over the display or viewfinder. Check your camera’s manual to see if it has this feature.

If you’ve goofed on getting the horizon level, you can easily rescue it with your photo editing software. Generally, the crop tool will allow you to rotate the image till it’s spot on.

This can technique can tidy-up photos of buildings as well. Look for clues in the vertical lines of walls and signs.

Remember, like all of these techniques, they’re not rules carved in stone! Action shots can look a lot more alive with a good steep angle.


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