Double nickels

I turn 55 today born in 1955. A lot of things have happened since then. Space travel, computers, cell phones, things we take for granted today weren’t even thought of. We had two maybe three local TV channels and an old party line telephone. Moms stayed at home to raise the kids. We all rode the school bus.

I made a lot of friends during that school time. There was only one area school so many of us started in the 1st and were together through the 12th. Some of my friends have already passed away. Glynn(Fobi) Finley, Eric (Tinker) Kelly, Debbie Chapman and Charlotte Walker. Others are life long friends, David Griffing, Charles Ray Dunham and Tommy Oliver. They lived within bicycle distance.

Both my parents and all of my aunts and uncles are gone. We are the oldest generation of my family. I have lost one sister in law and two brother in laws, two nephews and several cousins. We are getting older all the time.

Time has taken a lot of my friends also. Max Goodwin, Jr. Larry Hammons and BR Johnson.

The biggest life changing event was the heart attack I suffered in 2002. The effects caused numerous adjustments to my life.

I witnessed the birth of the New Orleans Saints football team and never thought I would live to see them win the big show. I just wish my Dad could have seen it.

I miss my mom most of all. She knew just what to say or do when I was at my lowest. I had her for almost 40 good years but I miss her so. I will see her soon.

So here is to me on this special day and too how many more the Lord allows me.


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