Tech Tuesday: Pano stitching

After my recent posting of the rainbow pano I received emails asking how I shot it and how I processed it.

There are many tutorials on how to shoot a proper panorama so I will just put a link up to one Panoguide. You can also search a DIY pano head for your tripod.

The next thing is what do I use to process? PTGui software. You can learn all the how to stuff here

Ok on to my process.

First I open my pano photos with Lightroom 3 and bring the exposures as close to each other as possible. Then I convert to a tiff file and export to a folder.

I then open PTGui

(As always click each photo to see a larger version)

Then click load images

Browse to your folder and select the proper photos

select align imagesIt will show you a grid to use sliders to adjust the edges of the photo for optimum size.

Once you are happy with it select create pano and after processing it will give you the options  of how and where to save it. Once it is saved you can then open in a photo editor for final adjustments and cropping.

Here is the final image before taking to photoshop for cropping. I hope you enjoy this and it inspires you to try a pano


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