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Young new talent

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If you haven’t heard of Jessie Dunham you soon will. She is a gifted song writer/singer from right here. She is also the daughter of my longest friend, Charles Ray Dunham. I have known Charles Ray since we were 5 years old and Jessie since she was born. I remember when she first started singing in church and how shy she was. To see her perform now is amazing.

You can see more of Jesse here


Photo of the week

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I actually have two this week. The first is my very first Monarch butterfly.

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I chased this one all over the yard to get a photo.

The second is the harvest moon shot on the evening of the fall equinox.

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I hope you enjoy these. I haven’t been doing much due to the heat and drought conditions we have had.

Tech Tuesday: Lightroom 3.2

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A many of you know I am really excited about Lightroom 3 and the many new features it offers. Now they have come out with an upgrade LR3.2 and among the features such as supporting many more new cameras and lens combos is new publish features.

Publish allows you to send photos directly to a photo hosting site, such as Flickr. While I applauded that ability I wondered why it didn’t offer it for the social networking sites. 3.2 addresses that by offering uploads to Facebook along with another photo hosting site smugmug. It is very simple to use.

In the library mode and the navigator panel open scroll down to the bottom of the navigator

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If you are using this feature, for the first time, you must set up each account individually. Just click set up and it will guide you. Select the photo or photos you want to upload, drag and drop to the appropriate photostream.

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If you notice the number of photos in your stream when you drag and drop this number will increase. In the first photo under the Facebook photostream it says 7, then in the second photo is says 8. Once you have all the photos, you want to publish in the stream click on the photo stream button and it will take you to the publish panel for that stream.

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at the top you will see a panel that says “New photos to publish” make sure this is correct and contains the photos you wish to upload. Then just click the publish button in the upper right corner and as each photo is added it will appear in theĀ  Published photos block below. That is all there is to it, quick simple and easy.

Riding solo from South to North

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I have been reading about a young Italian woman that took her vintage BMW motorcycle and rode from S America to Alaska all by herself. She does speak, read and write English but does not speak Spanish.

She is sending me articles to publish in Thunder Roads magazine. I will be submitting parts of her journey each month.

I think it is remarkable what she did and accomplished and how refreshing it is to read about the good side of people instead of the bad. She was helped many times along the way. It goes to show you anyone can live a dream.

You can read about her adventures here IOPARTO and look for the articles in upcoming issues of the magazine

A little trip

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Yesterday I took Beth to Natchez, Ms. We were going to get her handicapped access pass for the National Park service. Since the Natchez National historic park is the closest National park service office and we hadn’t been there the trip was planned. We needed the pass for our upcoming trip. It provides reduced price camping in National forests and free access to National parks.

While we were there we purchased a National Park service Passport and obtained our first two cancellation stamps. Read more about the Passport program here. All proceeds benefit the park service. You can obtain the stamps at all national parks and monuments and most of the historic sites.

Melrose was undergoing a face lift so we didn’t get many photos of the house itself, however the grounds are beautiful. Facing the Mississippi river from high atop a bluff. The cypress and oak trees are gorgeous.

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I had to maneuver around to not include the construction.

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The we left and went to the national cemetery where we could look upon the Mississippi river bridge from the overlook.

I took 4 shots and stitched them with PTGUi

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If you get the chance please spend a day in Natchez it is a wonderful old historic city,

September issue

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The September issue of Thunder Roads Louisiana magazine is out. It features Miss Shelby Harrell

Where were you…

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early on the morning of 9/11. take a moment to relive that dark time, remember where, and how you got the terrible news.

At the time I was maintenance supervisor for a large nursing home. I was walking down one hall when a nurses aid called me into a room to see the news. They were showing the first plane to hit and I thought this is a horrible accident, when the second plane struck I knew our world had changed forever. It was a s if the Kamakazi’s had returned. There was crying and screaming. The phone lines were jammed. Schools were closed and prayers offered up. The tiny chapel was full all day.

Later that day the awful full impact was revealed, our nation had been the victim of a callous sneak attack once again. This time by a cowardly religious sect that preaches violence and death to outsiders and rewards cowardly acts.

Oh I am sure our big eared leader will take this chance to tell America it was our fault and we “Provoked” his beloved islamic world. I would like to provoke then further. Notice how they cry and scream to the media when a Predator drone strikes their home. Now you know how we feel.

I will never ever forget the place I was that morning. I can close my eyes and picture it just as if it happened this morning.