Where were you…

early on the morning of 9/11. take a moment to relive that dark time, remember where, and how you got the terrible news.

At the time I was maintenance supervisor for a large nursing home. I was walking down one hall when a nurses aid called me into a room to see the news. They were showing the first plane to hit and I thought this is a horrible accident, when the second plane struck I knew our world had changed forever. It was a s if the Kamakazi’s had returned. There was crying and screaming. The phone lines were jammed. Schools were closed and prayers offered up. The tiny chapel was full all day.

Later that day the awful full impact was revealed, our nation had been the victim of a callous sneak attack once again. This time by a cowardly religious sect that preaches violence and death to outsiders and rewards cowardly acts.

Oh I am sure our big eared leader will take this chance to tell America it was our fault and we “Provoked” his beloved islamic world. I would like to provoke then further. Notice how they cry and scream to the media when a Predator drone strikes their home. Now you know how we feel.

I will never ever forget the place I was that morning. I can close my eyes and picture it just as if it happened this morning.


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