Tech Tuesday: Lightroom 3.2

A many of you know I am really excited about Lightroom 3 and the many new features it offers. Now they have come out with an upgrade LR3.2 and among the features such as supporting many more new cameras and lens combos is new publish features.

Publish allows you to send photos directly to a photo hosting site, such as Flickr. While I applauded that ability I wondered why it didn’t offer it for the social networking sites. 3.2 addresses that by offering uploads to Facebook along with another photo hosting site smugmug. It is very simple to use.

In the library mode and the navigator panel open scroll down to the bottom of the navigator

Click the photo to see it larger

If you are using this feature, for the first time, you must set up each account individually. Just click set up and it will guide you. Select the photo or photos you want to upload, drag and drop to the appropriate photostream.

Click the photo to see it larger

If you notice the number of photos in your stream when you drag and drop this number will increase. In the first photo under the Facebook photostream it says 7, then in the second photo is says 8. Once you have all the photos, you want to publish in the stream click on the photo stream button and it will take you to the publish panel for that stream.

Click the photo to see it larger

at the top you will see a panel that says “New photos to publish” make sure this is correct and contains the photos you wish to upload. Then just click the publish button in the upper right corner and as each photo is added it will appear in the  Published photos block below. That is all there is to it, quick simple and easy.


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