Budget traveling

Neither Beth nor I have a lot of money so to maximize our trips we have to find ways to budget travel. We both like to be close to nature and not cut off from it, so camping is a natural way to do it.

We will stay in National forest campgrounds, sleeping in a tent and cooking all our meals. Meals and lodging are two of the most expensive items on a trip. By getting reduced camping fees and taking our food our greatest expense will be gas. We also don’t intend to visit any of the pricey tourist sites. This is a nature photography trip not on to pay $20 to see the “worlds largest ball of twine”. As much as I have always wanted to ride a real steam train we will pass on the one from Bryson city as it would cost us $100 for the two of us for 4 hours. I can have a lot more that 4 hours enjoyment for $100 on my own.

I also don’t like to be at the mercy of someone else’s schedule. There is a guided bus tour of the waterfalls of Dupont state forest, but you will be with a large crowd and have to depart and stop on their schedule. Not conducive to great photography.

We are budgeting $320 for gas, and $120 for lodging. The food will cost us about $50 being very thrifty and watching sales. That is $500 for a 13 day, 2000 mile trip. If we wanted to primitive camp we could for free in the national forests, but I do like bathrooms, water and showers.

photo vacations do not have to be expensive, of course this is not for everyone, but for two retired people on limited incomes this is our way to see America. If this experiment works we plan to see the Southwest next spring.


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  1. Hey Rick right on this is the way our for fathers traveled and I have done so too and it is fun if you have an open mind and know a few things about camping.

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