Getting closer

Our departure date is less than a week away. Preps are under way. I have had to revise the route due to unforeseen circumstances. We will not be going down some of the rougher roads and will substitute more paved back roads. Beth is busy with the meal planning. This weekend we do a trial run of all the camping gear. I have a check list of things to take and will finalize personal packing Monday. We are going to leave around 6 PM Tuesday evening so as to minimize traffic and driving into the sun on the interstate. I plan to drive as far as we can then stop at a rest area for a few hours. I want to be in Cleveland at Daylight.

I have an atlas, forest maps, waterfall maps and campgrounds all marked so we know the closest one when we need it. In case we don’t make it as far as expected each day. I also have a lot of info stored on my netbook even if there is not an internet connection but I mapped every McDonalds   in the area. They all have free wifi. Hopefully we will be able to update every day or so.


One Response to “Getting closer”

  1. Hey Rick you are doing it right, testing before you go to make sure everything works. Hope you have agreat trip.

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