technology is a wonderful thing but it will never replace a view from a person on the ground. I have such a person in an internet friend Rich in NC. I found Rich through his website NC Waterfalls. He has some excellent information and guides on waterfalls and some excellent photos in his portfolio.

I have been emailing Rich and this last weekend he took a trip to the area I am going to and this is what he reported “Hey Rickey,

My GF was kind of sick when she came into town. That turned into the flu and a really bad sinus infection, so we didn’t go. I just got back from the Graveyard Fields and Hwy 215 areas of the Parkway. Lots of very colorful peak color up there. Both 215 north and south from the Parkway for 3-4 miles had lots of peak color. FR140 to Courthouse Falls was also very colorful. I saw a friend of mine out shooting and she said the Highlands area had a lot of nice reds and other peak colors. The elevation around Asheville has color, but still mostly green. That’s all I know for now – back to work tomorrow. Good luck!”

With this information we will leave at 6 AM this coming Saturday morning.

I will start packing today so I have plenty of time for final preps.

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