Today, I start the trip packing. Besides clothes and personal items, I have to get all my photography gear together. Lots of garbage bags and ziplock bags. The garbage bags are for keeping everything dry and each lens will be in a separate ziplok. I know October is North Carolina’s driest month but we will be around lots of streams and waterfalls.

The fall colors are just starting to show so we have a Saturday departure date. I have also reversed our route to go to the national park first as it is at a higher elevation and shows color first. By the end of next week the lower elevations around Brevard should be showing as well.

I have new hiking boots I am breaking in for those trips to some waterfalls. I told Beth I would be driving in Crocs as they are easy to remove when I wade into creeks to get shots of cascades. She said, she would be envious and love my photos but she was not going into that cold water for any shot.

Hey whatever it takes for the shot, right. anything for art.

I leave you with a photo from The Great Smoky Mountains

This is Palmer chapel at Cataloochee on the east end of the park. I hope we come close to these colors.


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