An unexpected surprise

As followers of this blog know I wanted to ride the Great Smoky Mountain railroad but the cost was prohibitive for us. This evening my nephew, Steve, and his wife Debra called to tell me they wanted to pay for us to ride the train! Now, you need to know that Steve, being one year older than me, has always been more like a brother than a nephew. Debra is like a sister or a best friend. they also love to travel and take photos while riding their 2003 Harley anniversary Heritage Springer.

I can not express how I feel right now. to be able to ride it, take photos and video to show them is overwhelming.

If you would like to see some video of the train ride check this out. Many other people have contributed to it. My two sisters and many of Beth’s friends and family. I say thank you to all of you.

I leave you with a few photos from the train


Click the photo to see it larger



Click the photo to see it larger

Click the photo to see it larger



2 Responses to “An unexpected surprise”

  1. That is so nice of them. I know you will both have a blast. So excited for you. I will follow your blog all the way! Will be praying for a safe journey.

  2. Hey Rick that should restore your faith in human nature. This was a win win situation for you and your nephew. He wanted you to have your dream and your are appreciative. Hope you both have a great trip and that the weather cooperates.

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