1st day

Well we made it!!!!!!! Left at 4 AM this morning and arrived at the campground around 5 PM local time. We made good time. Stopped for lunch at Desoto state park in NE Al. Very nice old CCC place. We also went to Desoto falls but just like at home the drought had hit the stream hard.

We made it to Cleveland, Tn. And rode along the Ocoee river for a ways and watched the whitewater rafters. We realized we could not make it as far as we wanted so after some photos and a short video we made the 7 mile 2000 foot climb to Chilowee campground. It was very full and we got the next to last camp spot with electricity. After putting up the tent and showering we had a meal of roast beef and three cheese rice I downloaded my photos and wrote this up. I am sitting outside. the tent with a half moon overhead and except for a few children it is quiet. I can highly recommend this camp facility in the Cherokee National forest. The colors and beauty are overwhelming. I so look forward to the rest of the trip. Tomorrow(Sunday)we will ride the Cherohala skyway and make our way toward Highland. There is so much to see and photograph it is hard to make much distance.


3 Responses to “1st day”

  1. Hey Rick nice camp and great photos, do you have a truck following you to haul all of your stuff? It sounds like you are having a great time.

  2. Glad you made it and love reading your blog about your journey!

  3. makes me want to go camping. Glad you guys are having fun and the pictures are very pretty…..Love you

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