Trip update

Wednesday 10-20-10

Raining today we headed to McDonalds for breakfast and internet. I will post all the days in one post to make it easier.

We forgot and left a bag of garbage out last night and at 2:30 I was awoke to a bear cub in the camp. I shooed it off and put the bag in the car. Then about 4:30 it started to rain so we will stay at Davidson  river another night.

2nd day

We awoke this morning late not realizing down the the valley the mountains would block the sun. By the time we broke camp and started out it was topping the mountains. The Oswald rd going up to the Chilowee campground is spectacular. It is also rather twisty with splendid overlooks for the valley and lake below.

We came down and headed east along Hwy 64 to Ducktown following the river. We came to Tellico Plains and the beginning of the Cherohala highway. It runs along the Tellico river till it turns south. We turned off on River rd to follow it and come to Bald river falls. A spectacular waterfall seen from the bridge but very crowded on Sunday.

We took North river road to intersect with the Cherohala in NC. The colors were spectacular. We timed it just right. We turned off to go into Franklin, NC and catch 64 south to Van Hook Glade campground. We had to pass on Callusaja falls as it is in a very sharp curve with room for only two vehicles to park and it was full.

Tomorrow is more water falls and riding the forest heritage road.


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This is early morning coming from Chilowee campgrond at 2700 feet. The overlook over Parkerville lake and the Appallachian foothills. That is Cleveland, Tn to the right.


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Copper mine railway and the Ocoee river


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Hwy 64 north to Tellico Plains, TN.


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Covered bridge, Tellico river, Cherohala skyway

Monday 10-18-10

Today was an unbelievable day following the most miserable night of my life. One of the air mattresses had to be trashed and then last night the other developed a leak. I also found out an air mattress is not for cold weather camping. It is very cold to lay on. About 4 this morning I awoke to frost and laying on the ground as most of the air leaked out. On top of that it got down to freezing at an elevation of 3000 feet at the campground. Other than that it was fine LOL. Ended in the car with the heater running. But made it to day light.

Since Van Hook Glade campground is very close to Dry Falls I could hear the roar. We did not have to get up early as it was only about ¾ mile to the falls. We left the camp about 7:30 EST and was at the falls soon after. This is a must see as it is right by the road and handicap friendly.

We went on into Highlands and rode out to Glenn falls. I have to say I was disappointed. It is extremely difficult to get to unless you are part mountain goat, and it is nothing special unless you go to the bottom. I took a few photos but would not do it again. The elevation drop and rhododendron roots make the trail difficult.

We were both tired and decided the ride up Hwy 215 to living waters ministry and see the falls there(right by the road) then return to Brevard and go to Davidson river campground early. It is 2 PM and I have my feet up. I will walk down to the river and shoot it and English chapel later on. For now I am going to relax.


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Callasaja river gorge Hwy 64 to Highlands, NC


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Dry falls. Easy to get to, handicap friendly. Park r4ight off the highway. This one you can walk behind. We could hear it from the Van Hook glade campground.


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Overlook on Glenn falls trail


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The top of Glenn falls

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Boy fishing in Davidson river right behind the tent

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Davidson river

4th day Tuesday 10-19-10

I am sitting here in my chair with the hiss of a Coleman lantern, a full stomach. Listening to the frogs and the sound of the water in the creek.

I must say Davidson campground is awesome. I highly recommend it. The campsites are right on Davidson river with a path to walk along it. We got a nice spot way in the back right next to the shower/restroom and the river. There are a lot of people here for the fall colors. It is surprising how many people are out just for this. Lots of retired couples.

I had a way better night last night. I got a small air mattress and a new sleeping bag. It also was not as cold. There was a warm front come through.

We were both tired so we took this morning off, cooked a breakfast over the fire then left around 11:30.

We rode down to Rosman and took the E Fork road along the French Broad river. This is a rural back road and hence very little traffic allowing slow driving to enjoy the colors and the cascades on the river.

We came out and went to Dupont state forest. I had been looking forward to this as this was the site of filming for The Last Of the Mohicans. But alas I was only able to see one of the falls as my health and knees just do not allow the climbing of hills. I did get some great photos of Hooker falls and could make the trip to High and triple falls on separate days but we can not spend that much time here.

We then rode up 276 to Looking glass falls and the Cradle of Forestry museum then on the way back we took Forest road 475B south. This is a twisty, narrow, well maintained, gravel road with excellent fall color viewing and a fantastic non tourist view of Looking Glass rock. If you want to see the colors without all the traffic I highly recommend it. We came on back to the camp. Cooked some chicken alfredo pasta, Showered and typed this up. We also downloaded and backed up all our photos.

Tomorrow we leave when the gates open at seven and drive to McDonalds in Brevard to use the internet, then drive to Asheville to catch the Blue Ridge Parkway back to Cherokee and the Great Smoky Mountains NP.

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Bridge over east fork of the French Broad river

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French Broad river along East Fork road

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Hooker Falls (Last of the Mohicans)

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Looking Glass falls right off the Hwy 276, handicap friendly

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Looking glass rock from FR 475B

That is all for now. Will check back in when I have internet again



2 Responses to “Trip update”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I love them! Glad you got a new sleeping bag. Nothing worse than being cold camping. been there, done that! Be safe.

  2. thank you for taking us along, even if it is by pictures.. They are AWESOME…. Love the water falls and the leaves are the Beautiful.. Keep up the good work

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