Wednesday 10-20-10

Wednesday 10-20-10


I say that every day but this time it is true. We awoke around 4:30, this morning to rain so we slept in and went to McDonalds for breakfast and to use the internet. I checked facebook, updated the blog then checked the football scores. Much to my surprise I found out the real Saints showed back up and replaced those imposters. I was glad to find out the new “Deuce” showed up and out in the form of Chris Ivory. I have said all along he was our next great RB.

Anyway on to today, after checking the weather we went back, brokecamp and drove to Asheville to see the Biltmore estate. We hit the Blue Ridge Parkway around 1:30 and all I can say is WOW. Plan to spend a lot of time and many stops. Have new brakes and use a low gear the curves are tight and frequent. Most are blind hairpins either up or down, and when you see a sign that says dangerous curve you know it must be a

doozy. The sign showed the arrow in almost a full circle.

We made the end and Smokemont campground GSMNP around 5:30. Got camp ready, cooked supper and am kicked back at 7:30. Dark comes early and sunrise late in these mountains. We are camped at 2500 feet and was as high as 6,000 today. That is all for now enjoy the photos and I don’t know when I can post this.

Click to see larger

Just a view from the Blue ridge parkway.

Click to see larger

Looking glass rock from the parkway with a 200mm lens

Click to see larger

The graveyard fields from the parkway. That is second falls in the valley to the left.

Click to see larger

Second falls from the same spot with a 200 mm lens

Click to see larger

Highest point on the parkway. Yes the air is thin for an old fat boy

Click to see larger

The road and the views never end

Click to see larger

Smokemont campground. Right on the roaring river  south entrance Great Smoky Mtns


4 Responses to “Wednesday 10-20-10”

  1. Love, love, love the photos! I’ve been to the same point on the Blue ridge parkway! Been to smokemont too, but only to look around. GREAT photos of the color! Have fun!

  2. Hey Rick it looks like you are having a great vacation, for some reason I thought you two were on a bike, sorry about the previous post on how did you get all of your gear on a bike.PS great photos and interesting dialogue.

  3. I love the pictures. Such beautiful colors. I would love to see them in person.

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