Update Friday and Saturday


We left Maggie Vally, to a heavy frost, and down Hwy. 19 to hit the Blue Ridge parkway. We exited at the end to go to the national park visitor center and the farm heritage museum. When we hit the open meadow there were many cars pulled off usually indicating wildlife. Sure enough there was a big bull elk and 4-5 cows and calves. I got out the tripod and the 400 f5.6 and took photos till he walked right up close to the road.,

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Then visited the farm heritage which is a recreation of a 19th century Appalachian settlement. The buildings were all moved to the present site.

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The town of Cherokee is a tacky tourist trap playing up the indian theme.

We arrived in Bryson city around 11:00 and bought tickets for the 2 PM train. We had to ride the Nantahala trip as the Tuckaseegee only runs Mon-Thu. The train ride was fun and quite cool on the return. We camped at the beautiful Deep Creek campground about 2 miles out of town.

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The camp is right on beautiful Deep creek with stone bridges, walking trails and 3 waterfalls which I will visit early Sat.

We had a chili supper and spent a cold night in our sleeping bags.

Deep creek is not touristy and the campground is not crowded like the more popular ones in the middle of the park.

Saturday 10-23-10

I awoke to another cold morning and a frost. My plan was to walk to the waterfalls and photograph the creek. Beth decided she didn’t want to be a photographer, this morning, LOL. She stayed in the warm bag and slept while I got my gear and drove the short trip to the trailhead. Tom’s branch falls is a tall fall emptying into the creek and only .2 of mile up the level and well maintained path. There are many benches to sit and watch the creek.

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I wanted to go to Juney Swank and Indian falls but the were uphill and I have learned my limitations.

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I did get down into the creek for photos of the bridge and cascades.

I got back to camp, we had breakfast, packed up and made the drive to the Cherohala Skyway and the Joyce Kilmer memorial forest. This is a highly recommended stop as it is and old growth forest on the top of a mountain. There are two national forest Rattler and Horse cove.

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We stayed at Horse cove as it is closer to the forest and very beautiful. Our site, #11, is right on the bubbling creek with steep sides all around us. There is a flush toilet and water on site. The fee is $10 but we got it for 5 with the access pass.. The pass was worth the trip to Natchez to get it. Speaking of worth it, there is another piec e of gear I must speak about. The Powerline 200 watt 12DC to 110AC inverter we bought. It plugs into the cigarette lighter and will power or charge, laptops, cell phones, camera batteries and even a reflector light with a 15 spiral flourescent bulb. This has been a lifesaver as we only had electricity 2 nights. We charge every thing during the day, while driving.

The campground was so beautiful we decided to stay 2 nights just to rest and visit the forest before driving home Monday.


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  1. Tom’s branch falls my favorite one I think love all the falls.. Beautiful pitures Rickey…

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