Tech Tuesday: Photomatix 4.0

As many of you know I love HDR and have been using Photomatix since version 1. There is now a version 4.0. I am not sure if software developers do this for improvements or to extract more money from the Latest/Greatest crowd.

Anyway you can download a free trial to evaluate. The upgrade is free for users with a version 3  license.

Version 4.0 has the ability to tone map a single image in 8 bits and channel mode, unified dialog for HDR Tone Mapping and Exposure Fusion methods, and improved rendering of Tone Compressor tone mapping method with default settings and extension of the range of the Tonal Range Compression setting. It also has the ability to  handle 7 files at once. Here are screenshots of the new workflow. I am using the Lightroom plug in that can installed upon the initial installation. When using Lightroom select the photos to use and right click. select export and Photomatix. The export dialog will open

click to see larger

once you have selected your options click export. It wiil export, open photomatix and perform it’s chosen operations. You may notice there isn’t an option for Tone mapping or fusion. That is because now when the photo opens you have three options, Enhancer(tone mapping) the old compressor method and fusion. Once it finishes the new user interface will open

Click to see larger

you will notice a new preset panel at the bottom, very useful for getting started.

Click to see larger

there is even a B&W preset. I chose the default enhancer and then adjusted the sliders to taste.

Click to see larger

Once you are happy just click save and re-import. It will process and send it back to lightroom. HINT If you are selecting your photos from a set or collection, your re-imported photo will not show up in it.You will have to go to all photos then drag and drop it into your set. Don’t ask how I long it took me to find this. Is it worth the upgrade, yes if you have version 3


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