I love wildlife

I have been an outdoorsman, camper, fisherman and avid hunter for most of my adult life. It is only in recent years, due to health, that I have curtailed my hunting and fishing. I do however still love seeing wildlife, especially non native.

Now I know that elk in the Great Smoky Mountains are not really wild and the same is true of the pastured Bison I shot Saturday. That does not take away the primeval stirrings I felt when viewing such creature up close. These were not zoo settings and thse are still large dangerous creatures.

Beth and I went to Monroe to see the moving Viet Nam wall. After we left there we rode up US 165 to check out Black Bayou NWR. The water was so low most of the wildlife points are dry ground. We did check out the wading bird photo blind for future use.

After that we went to Bastrop to come home the back way through Oak Ridge and Rayville. I told her there used to be a buffalo(bison) ranch just north of Oak Ridge. However, the last time I was by it was for sale and the animals were not present. Imagine my surprise when we got close and she asked if THOSE weren’t buffalo.

There was a pulloff at the pipe gate that afforded some nice close ups.

Click to see larger

Click to see larger

Click to see larger

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Click to see larger

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