Tech Tuesday: Lightroom Presets

Any one that knows me or reads this blog knows I am a Lightroom fanatic. I use it more and more and each new version offers more ease of use. With plugins now working with it I find less and less use of Photoshop. Unless I need layers or compositing I rarely open it.

I also like anything that makes my workflow easier and faster and is free. Lightroom presets do that. In the past I have used global presets(Ones that do all the steps at once) but if you are not happy with the results you must adjust the steps.

Now OnOne software offers a free set of preset downloads. These are step by step and give you a preview before applying. There are many options to each step and are organized so that each come in a logical step of the workflow.

First you open a photo in the Develop mode. Then in the left palette access presets>onone.

As always click the photo to see it larger

This is the photo straight from the camera, you can see the preset palette on the left.

First we select the White Balance. Scroll down the list to see the previews and select the one you like. I used Auto for this one.Next select the Tone and curve once again scrolling to previewI added some vibranceUsed the sunset to warm and brighten(Like the Brightness and warmth filter from Nik)

a slight vignettea gradient to darken the skya bit of warmthBeforeAfter

Quite a dramatic difference. You do not have to follow my workflow, as that is what I like in my landscapes. But you can try out each option to see which you like.


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