Photo Friday: Bald river

I have had a lot of comments on this photo

Click to see larger

I thought I would expound on it more.

After you leave the Bald river falls you can either turn around and go back to the Cherohala skyway or continue on and take a left on North river road.

This is what we did and it runs along side the river through the Cherokee national forest.

There are many primitive camp sites and about halfway there is a picnic ground with tables and restrooms right on the river.

because of the light many have assumed it was early morning but it was almost straight up noon. The forest is so thick it filters the light. You are also down in the river gorge with mountains on each side.

After we ate I took my shoes and socks off and waded out in the river. I wanted a low perspective and this could only be achieved midway the stream. Yes, it was very cold.

I set the camera to f22, ISO 100 with a two stop polarizer and achieved a 5 second exposure even at noon. I told you it was dark. I can not express how beautiful the creeks and rivers are. There is no mud as they all run on bedrock.


One Response to “Photo Friday: Bald river”

  1. You are so right about it being worth it because this is just beautiful.

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