Scenic Drive: Wayah Rd

After we finished the River Rd and once again was on the Chreohala Skyway we rode it to the terminus at Robbinsville, NC. Since we needed to get to Franklin, NC to camp. The fastest way was Hwy 129 south to the junction with 19 then take the Wayah rd to the junction with Hwy 64 into Franklin and the campground.

We were running late so we didn’t stop as much as I would have liked. The road runs along side the Nantahala river and is quite gorgeous. It crosses back and forth several times, with lots of rapids and cascades. There are many pull offs to stop at. There is also Wayah Bald and the oldest ranger station and lookout in the forest, we did not get to stop but had plans to come back later in the week.

Click the photo to see it largerAll are made by just pulling over, getting out and setting up right by the road. No hiking just sometimes scrambling down the bank.

The great thing about these back roads is the traffic is very light. Not like the main roads of 64, 441 or 28. It makes for easier pull overs and travel. October is very busy in this area and traffic is heavy on the main roads.


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