Tip Tuesday: When in doubt, shoot

No I am not talking about a gunfight or hunting, I am talking about taking photos.

You can never re-create a shot so if you miss it that moment in time is gone forever. If in doubt, shoot it. You will always have that one photo that got away just because you hesitated.

Back when we shot film we had to be conservative and watch or shot count to not run out during the peak of action. Now with digital storage media being so cheap it pays to shoot and shoot a lot. Just because you think you have the shot try different compositions and angles. Try different exposures. Just take lots of photos, you can always trash the bad ones but you can’t go back and capture a missed opportunity.

During my recent Smoky Mountains vacation I was there for 8 shooting days. I shot 757 photos. Sounds like a lot, huh. I have counted at least 100 known missed opportunities so far. I sort and catalog my photos by days. I compare this to my mental field notes and realize just how much I missed by quitting to early, not getting there early enough, not persevering or just not shooting enough.

I got back and started to review and many times I asked myself why I didn’t try this or that. Why didn’t I stop here longer or go to this spot.

You will never get them all but you can eliminate a lot of it by shooting more.

2 Responses to “Tip Tuesday: When in doubt, shoot”

  1. As they say Rick hind sight is always 20 20!

  2. beth meadows Says:

    Sometmes there are just not enough hours in the day when you are somewhere that is so loaded with photo ops. One of the best things you have taught me is “always get your shot,” then try different things.

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