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Favorite photo from 2010

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This photo is special because of the snow. We don’t get snow too often here. Last February we had a nice one I was in the blind while it was still snowing.

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If you browse my posts, from 2010, please let me know what YOUR favorite is.


Happy New Year

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I am wishing all my readers a safe and happy New Year. 2010 has been a good year. it started with my beloved Saints winning the NFC championship game in January and kept on rolling with the Saints winning their first ever Super Bowl Championship.

I renewed acquaintance with a high school friend and she and I enjoyed many photo adventures. Starting with day trips to Vicksburg and St. Francisville. Overnight trip to Avery island. Several small short local trips and culminated with the big camping trip to the Smoky Mountains.

I lost my older brother this year, the first of my siblings to pass. I also lost a favorite cousin way to soon.

I turned 55 and was born in 1955 this August. A lot of things have changed in that time span.

The old house, across the street, was torn down and just yesterday a landmark building, in Delhi, was torn down.

In the spring, we built Spot a new shop. It is doing well and this week we put in a small wood stove to heat it. I already cooked boudin on it.

New years day is always sad for me. On that day 1995 I lost my best supporter and Mom. It has been 15 years since she left this earth and I miss her every day.

I wanted to spend New Years eve taking star trail photos and sitting by a nice fire. I had it all planned and an open field picked out. However, just like the night on the lunar eclipse mother nature will not cooperate. I will have to wait till tomorrow night.

I don’t make resolutions but I do have plans for the upcoming year.

I want to shoot the spring wildflowers in Ar. and Tx. Do some bird shooting trips to S La. especially Lake Martin for the wading bird breeding. Do some camping before it gets too hot. Then this fall to see the Rocky Mountains and photograph the elk of N Ar. Travel old Hwy 80 and Hwy 1 to Grand Isle. Visit Big Branch Marsh, Bayou Sauvage and Bogue Chitto NWR for the excellent birding.

2010 was great year and I expect 2011 to be even better.


White Crowned Sparrow

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I was out just a few minutes when this one lit to feed. I had the juvenile come in the other day.

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Another day in the blind

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I didn’t have much time to spend in the blind. It is only good from about 12:30 till around 4. I had an appointment to get my hair cut at 2:30 so I spent an hour in the blind. That is the great thing about being 50 yards from it.

Just last week, my cousin, had commented that she lots of Juncos’ around her feeders. I told her I had never seen one in our yard, let alone at the blind. I had not been there 10 minutes when lo and behold one appeared.

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One Dark Eyed Junco

Then while waiting for him to come back I knew immediately this next sparrow was different from the Chipping and House sparrows I normally have.

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A Juvenile White Crowned Sparrow. All my photo work is done with an old Canon 20D and an equally old Sigma 400 f5.6. I would love to have a newer camera and a 500 mm lens but unless I win the lottery (Have to buy a ticket first) That isn’t going to happen. That being said I still enjoy seeing and photographing each new bird to come in. This is the 3rd year for my blind, in the wood lot and I have learned from mistakes and am now seeing the fruit of my labor.

Bird ID ?

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I need help with this one. it only came in briefly and this was the best photo I could get.

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*UPDATE* two of my fellow birders ID’d it as a female Purple Finch


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By a rabid Carolina Wren. LOL.

Just kidding. Wrens are very hard, for me, to photograph as they don’t come to the feeders. I was sitting in the blind, when one lit on a tree in the wood lot. I quickly snapped a photo but didn’t get much. Just a few minutes later here comes the kamikaze bird trying to fly in the blind window. I know they like to nest in such places and I have some boughs off of an artificial Christmas tree around the window. He perched on the boughs and when he spotted me I swear I could see his eye open real wide. He flew and lit on one of my perches and posed for me.

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I usually try to do my shooting on bright sunny days and between around 2-4 PM. This gives me a nice golden light and places the feeders in the sun, at an angle. This also helps up the shutter speed.

Christmas Festival of lights, fireworks

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As stated in an earlier post I went to Natchitoches to see the fireworks show. From prior experience I knew that the normal viewing area along the river was to close and too crowded. I also did not want to be caught in the traffic jam down around the Church St. bridge. What we did was park in a small open area at the corner of Williams and Keyser Ave. My plan was to shoot the show from the Keyser/Hwy 494 bridge. It is a large bridge with pedestrian lanes. I wanted to get the reflections in the water of the Cane river.

The show started at 7 PM, so we set up at about 6:40 to get a very good spot. With tripods in place, we set our cameras at ISO 100 and f8, using our 18-55 lenses. The shutter speed would vary due to the speed of the explosions.

I started out shooting in landscape mode.

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After the first couple of shots I realized 5 seconds was too long. I first went to 2 seconds.This was too slow so I went to 3.2 for the remainder. I was using a wired remote shutter release and actuating the shutter as soon as it closed, from the previous shot.I was not getting enough reflection so I changed to portrait mode for the remainder.The wind was blowing causing ripples in the water and the explosions to blow away quickly, but it did keep the smoke away.There will not be a show Christmas eve, however there will be a big one New years eve. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe learned something.