Fort Saint Jean Baptiste

This past Saturday I visited Natchitoches, La. to partake in the annual Christmas Festival of Lights.. Natchitoches is the oldest city in the Louisiana Purchase and was first founded as a french trading post in 1714.

I went down early to take in the State historic site St Jean Baptiste fort and the Féte de Hiver. Fort St. Jean Baptiste SHS, Celebrate Christmas 18th century style with historians, re-enactors and period merchants. When we arrived there were merchant and trader tents set up outside the fort, with Indians and merchants along with a young French guard.

Click the photos to see them larger

The young fellow wanted a copy of the photo so I asked him to write his email with a quill pen.

Outside the fort gates were soldiers giving cannon, musketry and drill demonstrations.Inside the forth there were outdoor cooking demonstrations and basic early 18th century daily living.If you are in Louisiana, love early American colonial history you really should visit Natchitoche.


One Response to “Fort Saint Jean Baptiste”

  1. Nice documentary Rick and good images shows the spirit of the place. Mike

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