Christmas Festival of lights, fireworks

As stated in an earlier post I went to Natchitoches to see the fireworks show. From prior experience I knew that the normal viewing area along the river was to close and too crowded. I also did not want to be caught in the traffic jam down around the Church St. bridge. What we did was park in a small open area at the corner of Williams and Keyser Ave. My plan was to shoot the show from the Keyser/Hwy 494 bridge. It is a large bridge with pedestrian lanes. I wanted to get the reflections in the water of the Cane river.

The show started at 7 PM, so we set up at about 6:40 to get a very good spot. With tripods in place, we set our cameras at ISO 100 and f8, using our 18-55 lenses. The shutter speed would vary due to the speed of the explosions.

I started out shooting in landscape mode.

Click the photos to see them larger

After the first couple of shots I realized 5 seconds was too long. I first went to 2 seconds.This was too slow so I went to 3.2 for the remainder. I was using a wired remote shutter release and actuating the shutter as soon as it closed, from the previous shot.I was not getting enough reflection so I changed to portrait mode for the remainder.The wind was blowing causing ripples in the water and the explosions to blow away quickly, but it did keep the smoke away.There will not be a show Christmas eve, however there will be a big one New years eve. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe learned something.

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