By a rabid Carolina Wren. LOL.

Just kidding. Wrens are very hard, for me, to photograph as they don’t come to the feeders. I was sitting in the blind, when one lit on a tree in the wood lot. I quickly snapped a photo but didn’t get much. Just a few minutes later here comes the kamikaze bird trying to fly in the blind window. I know they like to nest in such places and I have some boughs off of an artificial Christmas tree around the window. He perched on the boughs and when he spotted me I swear I could see his eye open real wide. He flew and lit on one of my perches and posed for me.

Click the photo to see them larger

I usually try to do my shooting on bright sunny days and between around 2-4 PM. This gives me a nice golden light and places the feeders in the sun, at an angle. This also helps up the shutter speed.


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