Another day in the blind

I didn’t have much time to spend in the blind. It is only good from about 12:30 till around 4. I had an appointment to get my hair cut at 2:30 so I spent an hour in the blind. That is the great thing about being 50 yards from it.

Just last week, my cousin, had commented that she lots of Juncos’ around her feeders. I told her I had never seen one in our yard, let alone at the blind. I had not been there 10 minutes when lo and behold one appeared.

Click to see larger

One Dark Eyed Junco

Then while waiting for him to come back I knew immediately this next sparrow was different from the Chipping and House sparrows I normally have.

Click to see it larger

A Juvenile White Crowned Sparrow. All my photo work is done with an old Canon 20D and an equally old Sigma 400 f5.6. I would love to have a newer camera and a 500 mm lens but unless I win the lottery (Have to buy a ticket first) That isn’t going to happen. That being said I still enjoy seeing and photographing each new bird to come in. This is the 3rd year for my blind, in the wood lot and I have learned from mistakes and am now seeing the fruit of my labor.


One Response to “Another day in the blind”

  1. Nice Rick and I have seen a change (for the good) in your work.

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