You never know till you ask

A couple of weeks ago Beth and I rode over to the Tensas River NWR and rode around the Greenlea Bend wildlife drive located just behind the headquarters seen HERE on the map. As we were driving I started to notice some two man wooden blinds along the road.

Still curious, I sent the director an email asking about the purpose and if a photographer could use them.

Just today I got a reply:

Those blinds are actually youth lottery hunting blinds.  However, if you
would be interested in having access to them for photography, we probably
could issue you a special use permit.  They will be used this weekend for
our wheelchair-bound hunt, but then can be available after that.

If you’re interested, call Kelly Purkey @ (318)574-2664.


I think this is outstanding flexibility and willingness to cooperate with the public that ultimately pays the taxes that provide not only the funds to purchase and maintain these properties but the salaries of the federal workers. I have never noticed this kind of willingness in any director of the refuge, before.

I will call tomorrow then update on any progress made.

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