White blackbird

We have had three days of gloom and drizzle and I have gone stir crazy. Yesterday my sister called me to look at her feeder at the strange bird. Turned out to be a pie bald, partial white, Grackle. I never figured to see it again.

This afternoon the sun came out so I cleaned the feeders, replaced the seed and got in the blind. I was there no time when the white bird appeared. I only got one photo but I was proud of it. I believe it is a female grackle, because of the brownish head. I just know it is highly unusual. reminds me of a partial white turkey I hunted one whole spring.

Click to see it larger

I was asked how I go about taking these photos. I started in about the technical stuff, you know the camera, blind, etc. That was not what they wanted. They wanted what I did to get the photos. I thought about it and I guess it is the same traits that made me a successful deer and turkey hunter. Lots of patience, slow deliberate movements. Attention to detail, long attention span, extreme focus on the task. Immediate identification of the chosen quarry. Reacting decisively at the right moment. I think the most important is the extreme patience and focus. It takes a lot to sit still and stay focused on the task at hand. Many times, when hunting, I let my mind wander and missed opportunities. I know this is hard to do in our hurry up, instant gratification world but it is the way of our ancestors and what we must do to be successful at wildlife photography

One Response to “White blackbird”

  1. interesting bird, amazed it came back and you got a picture. -Kim

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