Bird blind daily

The light is still dull and drab, but at least it is not raining. I spent a couple of hours out after filling the feeders. I got my best photo of a male Purple finch, although I can’t see why they call them purple.

Click the photos to see them larger

I also had a gorgeous Cardinal come in.One of the Yellow Rumped Warblers was in the brush pile.Of course the Pine Warbler came for some suetA downy Woodpecker was probing a vine.I also saw:

Dozens of Goldfinch

Equal Chipping Sparrows

4 Male Purple Finch and 2 female

2 male and 2 female House Finch

1 male White crowned sparrow

1 male Song sparrow

1 Brown headed Cowbird

several male and female Cardinals

several Grackles

and Inca doves


One Response to “Bird blind daily”

  1. Finch Lake Says:

    I have been enjoying your Bird photography, you seem to have a very good knowledge of the different species.

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