Bird Blind update

I sat in the blind, quite a bit, this weekend. The sun was out and so were the birds. Unfortunately not any new species showed up. Just the same sparrows, finches, Cardinals, grackles and cowbirds. I did get a rather nice photo of a Red Winged Blackbird.

Click to see it larger

I also would like to report on some new seed I am using. I am sorry I can’t remember the brand name but I got it at a Fred’s store and at a Brookshire’s grocery store. It is a better blend and contains no wasteful filler. The birds love it, too much it seems. They are eating a large coffee can full twice a day.


One Response to “Bird Blind update”

  1. Hey Rick we have these out here in WA also. They hung around more than usual this year but I did not get any pictures.

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