I am sitting here awaiting the largest cold front in recent times. Listening to Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Between last winter and this one we have experienced some of the longest periods of cold, snow, ice and sleet. So, what does Al Gore have to say now? Not much he made his millions and sits nice and warm in his compound with one of the largest carbon footprints, for a residence. I guess we should call it Global climate CHANGE you can believe in.

Any way, I was tired of sitting inside after all these days of rain and gloom. Since my days as a hunter I have plenty of clothes for a sedentary sit in the cold. I donned fleece underwear, insulated Carhart bib overalls, sweatshirt, insulated vest, stocking cap and neck gaiter, thin liner gloves and glo-mitts. I hoped to see a bird I had not photographed before, alas it was not to be. I did enjoy the sit and ahead of the cold front their were many birds.

I have been invaded by cowbirds and they tend to run the other birds off.

Click to see larger

I did see one puffed up House Finch

Click to see larger

They are eating faster than I can keep the seed out. I will have to go to Tractor Supply when it thaws out. Now, to put another log on the fire and await the icy drizzle.


One Response to “BRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!”

  1. I love those house finches!

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