Ice storm

It finally hit last night but it was not as bad as it could have been or was in other places. The ground was not frozen and we just got surface ice. The power only blinked twice. Just enough to knock the clock and computer off. The roads are not frozen and the ice is starting to melt.

I went out and took some photos in the yard. It was so overcast I had to use ISO 800. I had on the EFS 55-250 IS Canon lens. I was impressed by the sharpness and the ability to handhold at slower shutter speeds. I will do a write up on this very cost effective lens.

Click the photos to see them larger

Woodlot beside the house

extra firewood

icicles on a limb

shop garbage can

ornamental pear tree


oak leaf encased in ice

grinding wheel

bird feeder



2 Responses to “Ice storm”

  1. To me the best pic is the home made grinding wheel, there’s enough detail there to build one myself if I can ever pick up an old wheel cheap, which is a distinct possibility.

  2. Hey Rick looks like one of our winter days also. I too like the old style grinding wheel. When I was a kid 1940-50 era that is what we used to sharping anything from the axe to the garden hoe and even some knives for skinning cows.

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