Trophy hunting from the bird blind

Back when I deer and turkey hunted I was more of an opportunist than a true trophy hunter, but if I saw an oddity I would try my best to see it again or to harvest it.

Like the time I spent one whole spring season after a white turkey, passing up others in the hopes of taking him. Or when I saw the pie bald deer I spent most of my time in that stand hoping to see it again. Or when I hunted the area for the big 14 point buck until someone else got him.

I have pretty much started to do the same here as I only photograph birds I have never captured before or ones with oddities, such as the one legged grackle, the one eyed finch and the white grackle.

I was in the stand when one such trophy landed briefly, before I could be sure I saw what I thought I saw it was gone, Leaving me to wonder if I saw it at all. I would not leave the blind even though my battery was low. He came back just long enough for me to be sure he was what I thought then up into the trees. Just like an old buck he was wary and spooky. Finally as my patience and butt were wearing thin he came back. I had the crosshairs on him and fired of a rapid burst of shots. I sat back with the smug satisfaction that only a successful hunter knows. I then reviewed the photos and to my dismay there were no images. The cruel gods of the hunt had snatched victory from me by draining the battery. I went in and got a spare and went back out without much hope. Just like when hunting you are never guaranteed but return opportunity if you blow your chance. I thought of all the big bucks and turkeys that got away because of my stupid blunders. Would this be the same?

The birds started to return and lo and behold HE came back. With breath held and nerves suppressed I found him once again, in the viewfinder. The shutter was pressed until he flew off. With abated breath I awaited the results on the screen. The LCD revealed several great shots of a……………………………………………………………………………………………………….red winged black bird with a stick impaled through it’s wing.

Click the photo to see it larger

Click the photo to see it larger

He seemed no worse for the wear and flew off with no trouble. One can only wonder the circumstances behind it.


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