Cell phones

I got a new cell phone today. It has more bells and whistles than I will ever use. The owners manual is pages long. I had to read half the book just to find out how to make a call. It was more about texting, using the web and the keyboard than making and receiving calls.

I remember when the big dinosaur bag(car) phones came out. You hand a regular handset and a touch tone pad just like at home. All it did was make and receive calls. Now phones are mini computers and there is no such thing a “Just” a phone.

Sometimes I think progressive technology is not helping us at all. Before cell phones if you couldn’t get them on a home phone, you drove around and found them. it got us out of the house a lot more. We also saw each other face to face instead of characters on a screen.

I do have one anti technology friend that doesn’t have a computer, cell phone or even a house phone. He did just get satellite TV so he could watch the Outdoor Channel. Up until just a few years ago he drove a 30 year old truck and a 20 year old motorcycle. He did upgrade to a 15 year old truck and a 10 year old motorcycle. He goes to work, goes hunting and fishing doesn’t have high cooling bills(no AC) uses wood heat. If he wants to see someone he gets on his bike and rides around till he finds them. He sure is behind the times, wait a minute maybe he is on to something. Maybe we should unplug and unwind, just slow down. Dang it that new phone is ringing.

2 Responses to “Cell phones”

  1. Rick you better answer it might be Tex Indian calling. Good article.

  2. Beautiful photos…especially like the little guy with the nut in his mouth.

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