Beth and I left yesterday to  drive over to  Lake Bruin state park It is only about 35 miles from  my house and a beautiful place to camp. We usually don’t camp on the weekends but  since it was winter I figured we would be OK. Now, let me explain something, all my life I have been an idiot magnet. No matter how many people are around the idiots will always seek me out. Case in point, we set up camp at the farthertest point in the park. there are dozens of spots to camp in closer to the lake. But where does the idiot stop, you guessed it right across the road. Then he proceeds to come straight across to our fire and make himself at home. I thought I was going to have to ask him to leave. Then I got up this morning and was gathering some branches to re-start the fire and a guy stops gets out of his  truck and proceeds to help me then took it upon himself to show me how to do it properly. This to a guy that has hunted and camped all his life.

I digress and the rant is over. We did get out for some birding and I got  a photo of a red headed woodpecker. I can’t post any now as I left my portable card reader at home.


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