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I had this emailed to me:Reasons you should always carry a camera

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Reasons why you should carry a camera. . .     [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []


Nik Filters HDR Efex Pro

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I have used Photomatix pro, since it came out, for all my HDR processing. However, since Nike filters came out with HDR Efex Pro I thought I would give it a chance. I have used and liked Nik filters since I started using Photoshop 10 years ago. I especially like the newer versions interface and intuitive layout. I downloaded the free trial and set to work. I run Vista home basic with 2 GB’s of ram. This seems to be the minimum for HDR Efex. I did notice it took longer to load, from Lightroom. Yes, it automatically becomes a plug in for Photoshop and Lightroom.I exported from LightroomOnce the images loaded and were processed the interface opened. There are a myriad of user friendly presets already installed. Chances are one of them will be just what you wanted. I chose Realistic strong.

You can make tweaks with the adjustment sliders. The whole process is quite easy to grasp.
You can hide the preset panel to get a larger previewThere is a histogram also. Once you are happy click save. On my computer it took a full 3 minutes for the photo to show up in Lightroom.

Would I spend the money to go from Photomatix 4 to this? No because I would need at least 4 GB’s of ram and I already have Photomatix. If I did not have an HDR program I would be all over this. As I said I love the Nik filters interface and technology. Is it the best for you? The only way I can answer is get the trial version and see. If you have a newer computer with lots of RAM it would be fantastic.

I do think I like the default image better than the Photomatix one, and in fairness it does seem easier to use and understand.

What we do to non Harley bikes

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Just kidding, my nephew took two old Honda motorcycles to the scrap yard

Here they are being unloaded

and here they are dropped on the heap. They were shot with my phone so forgive the quality and the movement

“A” John Deere

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Well it is and A model John Deere known as the Poppin’ John. These old 2 cylinder tractors were the most popular row crop tractor during the depression and post war. Made from the late 30’s till the early 50’s there were over 300,000 manufactured. I never drove one being too young, but I remember seeing them in the fields when I was young. My brother drove one bush hogging pastures.

There was an excellent example brought into the scrapyard, behind the house. The owner wisely pulled it to the side as it is worth a lot more to a restorer.

I thought it would make an excellent source for some HDR photos. I shot 5 exposure sets on manual and processed through Lightroom 3, Photomatix Pro 4 and Nik filters Tonal contrast.These last two I converted with Nik filter silver Efex ProI can see my dad perched up on one wearing his khaki’s  and a fedora plowing a field.

Now THIS is a great commercial

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Hilburn Tulips

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Every March I make the short trip to Wisner, La. to see the tulips at The Hilburn house. They plant over 500 bulbs every year and open their yard for people to walk around and take photos. There is no charge and they do this strictly on their own money. I was there around 2 PM and there were 5 or 6 other people viewing and taking photos.Every year is a different color scheme.


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The trees and flowers may think it is spring but the weather and calendar still say it is winter. I awoke to cold again this morning. Late yesterday evening I put on my fleece and went out to shoot blossoms LOL. Kind of an oxymoron. Anyway here are a few from the yard.Red bud tree against an ornamental pear.Red Bud treeFirst Iris of the yearRed BudPear treePear tree blossoms