“A” John Deere

Well it is and A model John Deere known as the Poppin’ John. These old 2 cylinder tractors were the most popular row crop tractor during the depression and post war. Made from the late 30’s till the early 50’s there were over 300,000 manufactured. I never drove one being too young, but I remember seeing them in the fields when I was young. My brother drove one bush hogging pastures.

There was an excellent example brought into the scrapyard, behind the house. The owner wisely pulled it to the side as it is worth a lot more to a restorer.

I thought it would make an excellent source for some HDR photos. I shot 5 exposure sets on manual and processed through Lightroom 3, Photomatix Pro 4 and Nik filters Tonal contrast.These last two I converted with Nik filter silver Efex ProI can see my dad perched up on one wearing his khaki’s  and a fedora plowing a field.


2 Responses to ““A” John Deere”

  1. Rick I have used on in my youth on the farm only we called them Johnie poppers out here. Kudos on the captures and glad it will go to a restorer rather than the scrap heap.

  2. What a treasure. Good capture. Really like the second black and white. Should be hanging on the wall in the John Deere store.

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