New/old camera

My niece got a new camera so she returned my old Canon G2 I had loaned her several years ago. I had forgotten how much fun the little camera was.

I got divorced in 2005 and had to sell my camera equipment. I was using my old film gear but had a hankering for another digital. An internet friend had this G2 for sale at a very reasonable price. This camera was over $800 when it came out in 2001. I was able to later get another DSLR and gave this one to Debra to use.

I took it back out and shot some with it.

I converted this simple photo of a river birch and iron wagon wheel into B&W using Nik filters silver Efex Pro.

As the camera will shoot RAW and has all the controls of a DSLR I took a 5 exposure photo of the scrapyard to make into an HDR photo

You don’t have to own the newest fancy camera to take great photos.

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  1. Nice and you are right. Mike

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