Bayou Pierre Presbyterian church:HDR

As many times as I have visited the Windsor ruins and traveled Rodney Road from Port Gibson to Alcorn University I somehow had missed this interesting site. I noticed it by the  historic marker sign and I wonder if it is new, as it did look that way.

In 1807, Rev. Joseph Bullen and Rev. James Smylie organized the Bayou Pierre Church. A meeting house of logs was built on land belonging to Joseph Bullen which was later deeded to the church as a gift. This location on the Bayou Pierre road about four miles to the southwest of Port Gibson served the congregation for some twenty years. During this time, Rev. Jacob Rickhow and Samuel Hunter served the church. In 1824, Mr. Hunter and part of the congregation moved to the southwest to form the Bethel Presbyterian Church.

Click the photos to see them largerCan you imagine holding services in such a small building? I love discovering and seeing how our ancestors lived. History is what makes us so unique.

These are 5 exposure HDR photos shot with a Canon G2 and processed with Lightroom 3 and Nik filters HDR efex pro


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