Guadalupe river state park.

After the disaster in the Davy Crockett national forest we had to spend Saturday night at a nice marina on Lake Trinity.

We got up Sunday morning and drove on into the Guadalupe river state park. Nice park located between new Braunfels and Bandera, Tx. Since there hasn’t been any significant rain fall in 9 months there was a burn ban in effect and the river was very low. Every thing was dry and burned up.

I must say that the Tx state parks are rip offs compared to other states. Not only do they not recognize the Golden Access pass but the fees are outrageous.

The $20 per night for water and electric was not so bad. it was the $7 per day, per person entry fee that killed us. That made it $34 per night for the two of us to camp. If we had realized this before hand we would have stayed somewhere else. I imagined it would be like other parks that charged campers a 1 time entry fee not for every night. I guess every thing really is bigger in Tx.

Despite all that the park was nice and well kept. I didn’t get to visit the river but once due to ending up in the hospital Tuesday through Thursday. I did get to use the bird photography blind and the feeders one evening.

The Painted Bunting and this unidentified bird were shot at the bird bli

nd. Bring your own stool or chair if you use it. Located at the end of the river parking lot.

I shot this black capped Tufted Titmouse on a stump in our camp site. I put some bird seed on it and made a blind of a towel draped over a cedar limb.

These are photos of the river.Our camp site. The facilities were great and the sites were well secluded it was just the fees that I had a problem with.


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