The Alamo

I always pre-scout any of my photo destinations using any resource I can find. State tourism pamphlets, internet and the library. I have been enamored with the Alamo every since seeing the Disney film with Fes Parker. I had planned my Alamo and Spanish mission trip to the T. We would arrive around 4 and look over the sites and plan on parking. Then spend some time at the river walk before shooting the mission trails. I knew the Alamo would be crowded so I planned to shoot the exterior after dark, along with the river walk. Those plans ended up in the VA hospital along with me.

I got out late afternoon on Thursday and told Beth to drive me by it, because I might not get to see it again. Sure enough this prophecy was true. when we got down there we found out it was $10 to park and VERY hot. we made one block around it with no place to stop. On the second loop I told to to let me out in the back then to make the block and pick me up in the back.

I walked up the sidewalk toward the main entrance.

Around to the frontseeing this front facade gave me the same feeling a when I first saw Iwo Jima

I had a Texas park ranger take my photo. I wonder why he looked at me so funnyI went inside and straight out the back. I was surprised how small the main chapel is.The old post officeI wish I had more time to explore but I was fatigued. At least I saw where John Wayne, Crockett, Bowie and Travis died.


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  1. you look like a casualty of the Alamo. LOL

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