Photo of the week

shot this young lady one fall. Great light.Click the photo to see it larger


3 Responses to “Photo of the week”

  1. Only one question. Did you even have to “brush” here to make her look that awesome? My guess is no. Her natural beauty likely has more pixels than your camera, LOL…

  2. bayouphoto Says:

    your guess is wrong

  3. Ha ha, that was a tongue-in-cheek compliment to her beauty, LOL. I saw what you did with that other girl’s freckles, nice work. Where DO you find all theses babes?

    Look, message me at the sight. That little series on “photo reworking” is real nice. I’d like to put a Bayou Rick Photography board at my site for those who want to learn about it.

    It could be a partial post with a link back here, whatever. I can even put your copyright notice at the bottom. Two boards would work too, one for tutorials, one that just follows the subscription like I do.

    Hell Rick, it would be a nice feature, and football is boring as heck right now. Get back to me about it.


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