Camping at Lake Chicot state park

For Memorial day weekend Beth and I had planned to camp at Lake Bruin but due to the flood water and it’s proximity to the river levee there was a lot of stagnant water seepage, sandbagging and mosquitoes. We cancelled and got the last spot at Lake Chicot state park, in Lake village, Ar. Located in SE Ar. just across the bridge from Greenville, Ms. it is only 90 miles from us.

If this park is any indication of the other parks, in Ar., then I give a hardy thumbs up. The staff, and facilities were top-notch. Even though it was a holiday weekend the bathrooms were spotless, the grounds immaculate  and even though it was full the campers were very respectful, even the fishermen launching boats were as quiet as possible.

I was afraid our site, right across from the marina and boat launch, would be noisy and the traffic would bother us but it never did. If I had a choice I would stay on the other side of the loop closer to the bathroom but it was the last site available.

We entered Ar. on La. Hwy 17 and proceeded on to the visitor center in Lake Village located on the SW shore of Lake Chicot.An employee was watering the lawn and I couldn’t help but capture this funny photo.Here is the pier out on the lake.We had to stop at Rhoda’s famous tamales.We got 2 dozen in a #10 can and two fried apple pies. Needless to say we ate before setting up camp.It was with great difficulty and a full stomach that I watched Beth set up the camper LOL, just kidding( I didn’t watch) 😉

One thing about being right across from the marina store, we could use their bathroom instead of the long walk to the park facility.

We went down to the boat launch for sunset.Here is the camp at night.We didn’t do much photography just mostly relaxed. We did go to the plantation house just south of town next to the new Greenville bridge.And drove north to old Arkansas city.These last two photos are both HDR processed with Nik filters new HDR Pro.

When we returned there were 20+ deer in the bean field by the park entrance. The high water had pushed them west over the levee.It was a great time and we hated to see this sign.


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