I will be gone camping for the next 3 days without internet. I will be at Natchez state park just 10 miles north of Natchez, Ms. Since I will be close to Windsor ruins, and the ghost town of Rodney I hope to get some sunrise/sunset photos. This is hard to do when you have to drive over. If time permits I may explore, Port Gibson and Grand Gulf. I will be back Friday and will post my Thursday tutorial then. Till then have a great week and see you Friday.


One Response to “Gone”

  1. If you get to Port Gibson, ride all the way down Church Street to Chamberlain Hunt Academy. Do me a favor Rick, take a pic for me please.

    I went there as a kid, I was the Battalion Bugler.My bunk was in Redus Hall, to the left of the cannon.

    If the golden hand is still on top of the Presbyterian Church pointing towards heaven you should get that one too.

    I don’t know if it is still there Rick, but many years ago you could see it from at least 40 miles away.

    A picture of that golden hand peaking above the treetops from miles away would be awesome, coupled with one from in front of the Church.

    Thanks Rick.

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