Tip Thursday: Lens case

I read a lot of photography tips and web blogs to try and glean as much information as possible. I was reading one travel blog and one of his tips struck me. Always protect your lens. It went beyond the basics and said protect at all times. Never lay it on the ground, rocks on on your vehicle. Always return it to your camera bag. This will protect it from mishaps and accidents. Well, that got me to thinking and sometimes that is a dangerous thing, LOL.

I use a Lowe Pro Micro Trekker backpack camera bag for my everyday use. It is well padded and keeps my stuff organized, however when on a hiking adventure or shooting an event I like the fast access of my Humvee photography vest. However, it does not provide any protection from minor bumps or spills.

What I needed was easy on and off padded lens cases. Being the frugal person I am and with plenty of time in the yard swing I came up with a suitable solution. Enter the ubiquitous beer huggie, the neoprene stretchy kind. I happened to have one handy and I thought it would work great for standard, wide angle and short telephotos.

Click to see larger

as you can see it is the right height and size and will stretch to accommodate a variety of lenses. It fit my wide angle and my 100 macro.

Click to see larger

It even comes up over the lens hood. It has a bottom to also protect the rear lens cap and quiet it down. You could cut the bottom out of one and slide two on for a short tele like my 55-250 IS lens. The possibilities are endless. Just a little imagination and some quality yard swing time.

2 Responses to “Tip Thursday: Lens case”

  1. You need to spend more time in the swing and come up with more ideas like this one.

  2. Enjoying that yardswing time, aren’t you? Great idea!

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