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Photo Friday: A southern ingenuity

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This bike was hand built by Eddie Turner. He is one of the best ATV mechanics in this country. When he acquired this Kawasaki Vulcan he wanted to make a trike.

Using his ATV experience he mated a Polaris ATV rear axle and fenders to the rear of the bike. It has a fully independent suspension connected to the drive shaft. He molded in a Yamaha tour pak and added a Harley fat Boy front end.

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It is 7 inches narrower than the aftermarket kits making it more compact and easier to maneuver. There is no stopping a guy that knows what he wants and how to attain it. It is a unique one of a kind motorcycle.


A hero comes home

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I am very proud of the bikers that make up the Patriot Guard Riders. They are a volunteer organization that will ride and honor fallen warriors.

Saturday they were out in force for one of Mississippi’s fallen heroes Staff Sergeant Jason Rogers. However a certain church of haters and false believers planned to protest. Clarion Ledger

SSgt Rogers gave his life to protect the freedom that allows these people to protest. Maybe they should try that in China or a muslim country.

What we do to non Harley bikes

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Just kidding, my nephew took two old Honda motorcycles to the scrap yard

Here they are being unloaded

and here they are dropped on the heap. They were shot with my phone so forgive the quality and the movement

Now THIS is a great commercial

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Cold winter days

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Winter here may not be as cold as my northern brethren are used to but it is plenty cold and damp for us. Just right to gather at Spot’s motorcycle shop and hug the pot belly stove. With a good supply of wood we can ride out the foul weather until spring.

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January Thunder Roads

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This months issue features Ms Ashley weeks and her Can-Am Spyder trike. I took this back last May and it just got printed.

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Riding solo from South to North

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I have been reading about a young Italian woman that took her vintage BMW motorcycle and rode from S America to Alaska all by herself. She does speak, read and write English but does not speak Spanish.

She is sending me articles to publish in Thunder Roads magazine. I will be submitting parts of her journey each month.

I think it is remarkable what she did and accomplished and how refreshing it is to read about the good side of people instead of the bad. She was helped many times along the way. It goes to show you anyone can live a dream.

You can read about her adventures here IOPARTO and look for the articles in upcoming issues of the magazine