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Funky town

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I  am still staying in Shreveport to help my nephew through his treatments. Early in the morning I make a photo walk. Since we are right on the edge of the old historic downtown there are many photo ops. This morning I took a new street from the hotel. I found this old corner liquor store with an old neon sign. As I got closer I realized it was now an open air coffee house, bar and dance room in the south Louisiana cajun tradition. The owner, Bill, was very nice and allowed me access  to shoot. He even invited me back for coffee and gumbo.

Click the photo to see it larger

Click the photo to see it larger

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It is an eclectic blend of old and new, modern and antique to make a very unique atmosphere. Thank you Bill.

Processed with Nik filters HDR Efex and Topaz Adjust


HDR: Texas trip

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I didn’t get to do nearly as much HDR work as I wanted too. I had planned to do the San Antonio skyline, the Alamo and the Spanish missions but due to 3 days in the hospital and then feeling like crap the rest of the time. I did not return to San Antonio.

These are all 5 shot HDR photos processed with Nike filters HDR efex and other Nik filters.

As always click the photo to see a larger version.

This is an old abandoned house on HWY 6 between Natchitoches and Many, La.Guest housesDance hall.

The wind was blowing so hard you will see a lot of ghosting in the trees. This was an old abandoned resort, dance hall and motel high on a hill above Bandera, Tx.

Bayou Pierre Presbyterian church:HDR

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As many times as I have visited the Windsor ruins and traveled Rodney Road from Port Gibson to Alcorn University I somehow had missed this interesting site. I noticed it by the  historic marker sign and I wonder if it is new, as it did look that way.

In 1807, Rev. Joseph Bullen and Rev. James Smylie organized the Bayou Pierre Church. A meeting house of logs was built on land belonging to Joseph Bullen which was later deeded to the church as a gift. This location on the Bayou Pierre road about four miles to the southwest of Port Gibson served the congregation for some twenty years. During this time, Rev. Jacob Rickhow and Samuel Hunter served the church. In 1824, Mr. Hunter and part of the congregation moved to the southwest to form the Bethel Presbyterian Church.

Click the photos to see them largerCan you imagine holding services in such a small building? I love discovering and seeing how our ancestors lived. History is what makes us so unique.

These are 5 exposure HDR photos shot with a Canon G2 and processed with Lightroom 3 and Nik filters HDR efex pro

New/old camera

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My niece got a new camera so she returned my old Canon G2 I had loaned her several years ago. I had forgotten how much fun the little camera was.

I got divorced in 2005 and had to sell my camera equipment. I was using my old film gear but had a hankering for another digital. An internet friend had this G2 for sale at a very reasonable price. This camera was over $800 when it came out in 2001. I was able to later get another DSLR and gave this one to Debra to use.

I took it back out and shot some with it.

I converted this simple photo of a river birch and iron wagon wheel into B&W using Nik filters silver Efex Pro.

As the camera will shoot RAW and has all the controls of a DSLR I took a 5 exposure photo of the scrapyard to make into an HDR photo

You don’t have to own the newest fancy camera to take great photos.

Photo Friday: HDR truck

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I once read that every photograph should tell a story. Whether to the viewer or the photographer. This photo did not reveal it’s story until I was processing it. I didn’t intentionally try to make this photo story, I took other views, but it was the one I was drawn too.

It is an old Ford truck that was destined for the scrap pile till the owner of the yard pulled it to the side. In these 5 exposure photos, processed in Nik filters HDR Efex Pro, I see the saved vehicle viewing what could have been it’s fate except for the saving grace.Seeing it through the trucks eyes.

There, but by the grace of God, go I

HDR: Awaiting it’s fate

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Another vehicle awaiting it’s turn on the scrap heap. This is a 5 exposure HDR processed in Nik Filters HDR Efex Pro. I am still trying to get a handle on this software.

Nik Filters HDR Efex Pro

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I have used Photomatix pro, since it came out, for all my HDR processing. However, since Nike filters came out with HDR Efex Pro I thought I would give it a chance. I have used and liked Nik filters since I started using Photoshop 10 years ago. I especially like the newer versions interface and intuitive layout. I downloaded the free trial and set to work. I run Vista home basic with 2 GB’s of ram. This seems to be the minimum for HDR Efex. I did notice it took longer to load, from Lightroom. Yes, it automatically becomes a plug in for Photoshop and Lightroom.I exported from LightroomOnce the images loaded and were processed the interface opened. There are a myriad of user friendly presets already installed. Chances are one of them will be just what you wanted. I chose Realistic strong.

You can make tweaks with the adjustment sliders. The whole process is quite easy to grasp.
You can hide the preset panel to get a larger previewThere is a histogram also. Once you are happy click save. On my computer it took a full 3 minutes for the photo to show up in Lightroom.

Would I spend the money to go from Photomatix 4 to this? No because I would need at least 4 GB’s of ram and I already have Photomatix. If I did not have an HDR program I would be all over this. As I said I love the Nik filters interface and technology. Is it the best for you? The only way I can answer is get the trial version and see. If you have a newer computer with lots of RAM it would be fantastic.

I do think I like the default image better than the Photomatix one, and in fairness it does seem easier to use and understand.