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Yes, this is me all the way

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To me researching everything about a photo destination is as important as being there.

Researching the shot



Dreams lost

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While on a photo walk I found this child’s discarded stuffed animal. I wondered what had happened. Where was the child? Why was it in this abandoned lot? How did it end up here? Is there a child out there missing this bear?

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Dancing water

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The Shreveport river walk water feature.

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Topaz Detail, Nik filters Silver Efex Pro 2 and Define 2

Blue Monday: Drummer

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From the Honduran coast

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Hi Ho Silver

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Well it did remind me of the old TV westerns.

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I will be gone camping for the next 3 days without internet. I will be at Natchez state park just 10 miles north of Natchez, Ms. Since I will be close to Windsor ruins, and the ghost town of Rodney I hope to get some sunrise/sunset photos. This is hard to do when you have to drive over. If time permits I may explore, Port Gibson and Grand Gulf. I will be back Friday and will post my Thursday tutorial then. Till then have a great week and see you Friday.

Bandera, Tx.

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After getting out of the hospital, on Thursday, I returned to the camp at Guadalupe river. I stayed there that afternoon and put some seed on a stump and made a little blind. I got a picture of a black crested Tufted Titmouse.The next morning we moved the camper to Bandera. We did not have a reservation for Friday night and had planned to move to Pedernales Falls state park. That was further away so we decided to use the small RV park on the Medina river. It is just one block from downtown Bandera and very close to the EMS station. Located on the Medina river it is cheap and well maintained but does lack much shade.I walked under the bridge to the city parkYes the river is this greenI walked up the hill one block to eat at the Old Spanish Trail restaurant. After eating I took a short tour down main street.The deer were literally in peoples yards.On Saturday we rode back to the city park to see if the scissor tail fly catcher was thereWe left early Sunday morning. It wasn’t the trip I expected but it was a trip none the less.