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Hi Ho Silver

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Well it did remind me of the old TV westerns.

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Bandera, Tx.

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After getting out of the hospital, on Thursday, I returned to the camp at Guadalupe river. I stayed there that afternoon and put some seed on a stump and made a little blind. I got a picture of a black crested Tufted Titmouse.The next morning we moved the camper to Bandera. We did not have a reservation for Friday night and had planned to move to Pedernales Falls state park. That was further away so we decided to use the small RV park on the Medina river. It is just one block from downtown Bandera and very close to the EMS station. Located on the Medina river it is cheap and well maintained but does lack much shade.I walked under the bridge to the city parkYes the river is this greenI walked up the hill one block to eat at the Old Spanish Trail restaurant. After eating I took a short tour down main street.The deer were literally in peoples yards.On Saturday we rode back to the city park to see if the scissor tail fly catcher was thereWe left early Sunday morning. It wasn’t the trip I expected but it was a trip none the less.

HDR: Texas trip

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I didn’t get to do nearly as much HDR work as I wanted too. I had planned to do the San Antonio skyline, the Alamo and the Spanish missions but due to 3 days in the hospital and then feeling like crap the rest of the time. I did not return to San Antonio.

These are all 5 shot HDR photos processed with Nike filters HDR efex and other Nik filters.

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This is an old abandoned house on HWY 6 between Natchitoches and Many, La.Guest housesDance hall.

The wind was blowing so hard you will see a lot of ghosting in the trees. This was an old abandoned resort, dance hall and motel high on a hill above Bandera, Tx.

Texas adventure day 3

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On Monday we awoke to deary conditions and misting rain. We decided not to travel very far. We headed toward Bandera, Tx. but in Boerne we saw a sign for the Cibolo nature center. Located on Cibolo creek it offers some nice butterfly and bird habitat.

The first bird we encountered was in the parking lot. I have yet to identify it.While Beth went in the visitor center I watched the hummingbird feeder and caught this Black-chinned hummerI had to use manual exposure and my external flash to capture it as it was quite dark under the trees.

Out back they had many feeders and a bird bath.We rode into Bandera because the city park is on the Hill country birding tour. Beth got some good photos of a scissor Tail fly-catcher but my camera failed to write my photos to the card. There were many warblers and other birds in the overgrown fields but the rain kept us in the van. I did get a photo of this swift doing a mating flight.There were deer everywhere, even right in people’s yards.We decided to call it a day after having lunch at the Old Spanish Trail restaurant in Bandera. We planned to finish the Hill country birding trail in the next few days but a phone call from the VA hospital changed all that.

The most miserable week ever

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My friend Beth was going to San Antonio to help her daughter cater a reception. I thought I would go along to take advantage of the great birding and camping.

It started out great then went downhill quickly.

I had a defibrillator installed in ’06 and there was a recall on the leads. seems they tend to break. So in ’07 they turned on a warning tone to alert me of any problems.

On Friday I started to hear this tone and thought I was going crazy. I could not find that truck that kept backing up. It sounded just like a back up warning. BEEP BEEP BEEP.

Finally it dawned on me what it was but I thought it was a low battery warning.

We left early Saturday morning, with me intending to call the VA hospital on Monday. The trip was uneventful but I should have realized how things would go as time went along.

I wanted to go to Zwolle for the best tamales around. We made a side track only to find they were closed on Saturdays, of all day. We then proceeded to purchase the worst BBQ ever sold. Chalking it up we headed on SW. Our intentions were to drive halfway and camp at the ONLY campground in the Davy Crockett National forest. We arrived around 3PM to find the campground closed due to tornado damage. We finally found another campground 40 miles out of the way.

The next morning we headed for our main campground at Guadalupe river state park between New Braunsfel and Bandera, Tx. The crosswind was unbelievable and made the driving a chore. We finally made it around 4 PM and got the camper set up.

The next day was going to be a birding day but low clouds and misting rain forced us to stay close to the camp. I called the VA in Shreveport and they advised me to go to the San Antonio VA ER. So Tuesday morning I fought the commute traffic to get there.

They called in the Medtronics rep and they checked my implant and found the lead was broken. I first decided to wait till I got home to have it fixed but after further thinking I decided to check in there and have it done.

I was first told it might be Wednesday but probably Friday. Since the lead was broken the device would not work in the event I had an episode so they hooked me too a monitor.

They then told me if it couldn’t be done Wed. it would be the next Tuesday and I would have to stay there to be monitored. They did end up doing it Wed. and I got out Thurs but by that time our plans were ruined. We stayed an extra day and returned home Sunday.

My luck continues to run true to form