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When IS enough, enough

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I was reading a post by Matt Koslowski and it got me to thinking about what is enough, for me. How do I determine when enough is enough? I start the process when taking photos. I usually have a clear idea what I want to achieve. Once I import to Lightroom I then closely check all photos and delete the out of focus, badly under or over exposed, or just technically wrong. Then I start to run the remaining through the develop module. After that it is time to rate the ones I really want to spend time on and to see what must be done, to achieve my goal for that photo. I have used Photoshop, Lightroom and my various plug-ins to now know what each is capable of and which one will best achieve my goal. I tend to use Lightroom and the various plug-ins that work right from it more. My small road trip netbook runs Lightroom way better than Photoshop, so I am limited when on the road.

Then it is just a matter of applying the correct adjustments to the image. Most people will tend to develop a style over time. I tend toward crisp sharp details for my landscape and nature and more of a soft effect for people and portraits.

Here is an example of what I like to achieve with my landscape images.

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Nice saturated colors, pure whites and crisp detail in the rocks.

I want to address a misconception I am hearing a lot with the advent of networking and social networking sites. It is the myth that if you post great photos you must have a “really good camera” That is like telling Emeril Lougasi he must have a really good oven, or Michael Angelo had a really good chisel. It is not the tools but how they are used. When I shot competitive 3D  archery I used to tell the young guys, that thought they could win if they just had the latest and greatest bow. ” I can take your bow and beat you but you can’t take my bow and beat me”

Yes I have a decent camera but I work within its limitations and do everything I can to make it the best, BEFORE I post it.

As an example here is the straight out of the camera.And here they are side by side so you can compare better.

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The next time you see a great photo think about what probably went into actually creating it.


Road trip

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Beth and I will be leaving for the big road trip starting Oct. 13th. We will be traveling to North Carolina to catch the fall colors.

Our plans are to camp in the Cherokee, Nantahala and Pisgah national forests. We will be tenting and cooking on our own so as to save money and extend the trip as long as possible.

We will see between 25 and 30 waterfalls and also visit the Great Smoky Mtn national park, along with part of the Blue ridge Parkway. We will be gone between 10 and 14 days. We may also ride the Smoky Mtn railway time and money permitting.

We intend to slab it all the way to Cleveland, Tn. the first day and camp at Chilowee campground in the Cherokee forest. I hope we catch the sunset on Ocoee lake. Ocoee river was the site for the white water rafting in the ’96 Olympics.

As we progress I will update what we plan to use and how it works out